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  In its Annual General Body meeting held on May 15, 2012, National council approved the formation of IMS Chandigarh. In compliance to that Indian Meteorological Society ,Chandigarh chapter was constituted on 19th November 2012. At present IMS Chandigarh Chapter has 37 life members who are from different leading scientific organization in and around Chandigarh . Members are associated with scientific organization such as India Meteorological Department, Snow Avalanche Study Establishment, Chandigarh ,Water Resource Organization, Environment, Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research , Chandigarh , Different department of Panjab University ,Chandigarh and other institutions. The Basic objective of this chapter is to promote and encourage weather and climate science in this region .It will be our continuous endeavor to facilitate existing knowledge of meteorology and allied science in this region by organizing seminar, symposia, experts lectures and workshops from time to time on the theme of interest with special focus on the following  

  • To promote advancement of the science of meteorology and allied Sciences.
  • To disseminate the knowledge of such sciences amongst scientific workers and the public.
  • To apply the science of meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities such as agriculture, land use, air pollution, public health, environment, irrigation, non-conventional energy, power development, air and sea navigation, engineering and technology etc.

  Proposed Activities  


To Sponsor Scientific Events
The Society sponsored for the first time a scientific event in April 1970. This was a symposium on “Satellite Meteorology” held at Pune. Later on it sponsored the International Symposium on Monsoons which held in March 1977 at New Delhi. It also sponsored the National Symposium on ‘Early Results of Monsoon Experiments’ held at New Delhi in March 1981.

Organisation of Scientific Symposia
With a begining in 1976 the Society has organised the following National Symposia/Seminars so far:

  • Seminar on Weather Modification New Delhi February 1976
  • Symposium of Local Severe Storms Calcutta February 1982
  • Symposium on Tropical Cyclones and Disaster Preparedness Bhubaneswar January 1984

TROPMET Series of Annual National Symposia

  • Symposium on Monsoon Variability, Satellite Application and Modelling, Ahmedabad, February 1992
  • Symposium on Meteorology for National Development, New Delhi, February 1993
  • Symposium on Climate Variability, Pune, February 1994
  • Symposium on Advanced Techniques in Meteorology, Hyderabad, February
  • Symposium on Meteorology and Natural Disasters, Visakhapatnam, February 1996
  • Symposium on Monsoon, Climate and Agriculture, Bangalore, February 1997
  • Symposium on Asian Monsoon & Pollution over monsoon Environment, New Delhi, December 1997
  • Symposium on Meteorology beyond 2000, Chennai, February 1999
  • Symposium on Ocean & Atmosphere, Cochin, February 2000
  • Symposium on Meteorology for Sustainable Development, Mumbai, February 2001
  • Symposium & Workshop on Forecasting & Mitigation of Meteorological Disasters: Tropical cyclones, Floods & Droughts, Bhubaneswar, February 2002

International Conferences Organised by IMS

  • International conference and WMO Workshop on forecasting monsoons from days to years, March 21-26, 2001 New Delhi.
  • International conference on Seismic Hazard with particular reference to Bhuj Earthquake of January 26, 2001 during 3-5 October, 2001 New Delhi.

Popularisation of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
The various Chapters of the Society Organise the following Programmes:

  • Scientific lectures on important topics
  • Weather Quiz for students
  • Publication of Illustrative Weather Calendar-cum-book/Chart etc.
  • Publication of articles in newspapers
  • Production of educative video programmes

Popularisation of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
‘Vayu Mandal’ a research journal is brought out twice a year since 1971 to encourage research work and provide information on latest developments in the atmospheric sciences. Copies of the Journal are distributed free of cost to the members of the Society. Authors receive two complimentary copies of the issues. For non-members the price per copy is Rs.50 and the annual subscription is Rs.100. For foreign subscribers the rates are US$20 by air mail and US$10 by ordinary mail. Subscription, correspondence and contributions to the Journal are to be sent to the Managing Editor, Vayu Mandal c/o Mausam Bhavan, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003. Normally the Secretary of IMS is the Managing Editor.

The IMS has instituted three biennial research awards from the endowment gifted by the sponsors.
Dr. B.N. Desai Award: A cash sum of Rs. 5,000 for the best paper published in a two-year period by Indian authors in Indian or foreign scientific journals on the following topics.
· Conditions governing the formation, movement and decay of cyclones in the Indian Seas, with particular reference to those affecting the Indian coastal areas.

· Factors responsible for the advance, maintenance and breaks in the south-west monsoon over India, with special reference to the rainfall distribution over the country. Any other outstanding meteorological study of the Indian Monsoon.

V. Bhavnanayana Award: · A cash of Rs. 5,000 for the best paper published in Vayu Mandal during a two-year period.
J. Das Gupta Award:· A cash prize of Rs. 1,000 for the best paper published in a two-year period by Indian authors in Indian Scientific Journals on the following topics:

·Meteorological Instrumentation
·Meteorological Telecommunications
·Methods of Observation

·Two more awards viz., Dr. P. Krishna Rao and Prof. A.D. Vernekar awards have been instituted by the Society recently
·A “Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal” has been instituted by the IMS recently. The award will be given biennially to an eminent Scientist on monsoon studies.
Dr. P. Krishna Rao Award: A cash prize of Rs. 6,000 and a citation for the best paper published in Indian or foreign Scientific journals by Indian authors in the field of application of satellite data for environmental uses (Atmospheric, Oceanic, Disaster Mitigation, etc.).
Prof. A.D. Vernekar Award: A cash prize of Rs. 10,000 and a citation for the best paper published in Indian or foreign journals by Indian authors in the fields of modeling land surface, atmospheric and/or oceanic processes influencing the Indian monsoon variability on the time scales of short, medium & long range.
New International Award (Instituted by IMS in 2001): Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal.
Indian Meteorological Society has instituted “Sir Gilbert Walker Gold Medal” to be given biennially to an eminent Indian or foreign scientist of international recognition in the field of monsoon studies. There is no bar on the age and nationality. The Prize money comprises of a Gold Medal (weighing 50gm/22c Gold) and a citation. The selection will be made by a judging committee with IMS President and minimum two Fellows of IMS as members. Nomination will be invited through letters to institutions and publication in international bulletins. Sir Gilbert Walker, the legendary meteorologist who did pioneering and monumental work on long range forecasting of Indian monsoon, was the Director General of India Meteorological Department for 20 years (1904-1924).

Activities Planned for Future

  • To enhance and diversify the activities of the society continuously to meet changing needs.
  • To conduct familiarization courses on Meteorology.
  • To solicit co-operation of other International Meteorological Societies / Associations.
  • The construct its own building at Delhi with Lecture Hall, Library and Guest House etc.
  • To organize campaigns for Environmental Awareness among public through media.
  • To arrange for library membership of National Institutions for its Life Members and lows.
  • To provide consultancy on the Tropical, Environmental and Climatological Issues.
  • To prepare and maintain directory


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