About IMS Chandigarh Chapter

Indian Meteorological Society

Chandigarh Chapter

In its Annual General Body meeting held on May 15, 2012, National council has approved the formation of IMS Chandigarh.

At Indian Meteorological Society (IMS), Chandigarh Chapter, it is our continuous endeavor to acquire the necessary knowledge to understand various aspects of science, nature and atmosphere. We do not expect everyone of us to be scientist, but we care for scientific people; people who can think rationally over the events around them.


 Proposed Activities

1.    Awareness

a.    Camps at school, college, universities, and other institutions of concern

b.    Competitions like painting and poster making

c.    Seminar and workshops

2.    Research and development

a.    Generation of data and analysis of climatic data

b.    Create channels for information flow

3.    Capacity Building

a.    Training and workshops

4.    Publication

a.    Online Publication

b.    Hard copy publications

5.    Expansion

a.    Expansion of society’s activities

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